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Dusty Blue Elegant Earrings

Dusty Blue Elegant Earrings

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Add a pop of color and style to your outfit with our handmade Dusty Blue Elegant Earrings. Made from polymer clay and hypoallergenic metals, these extremely lightweight earrings are both gorgeous and stylish. Your ears will thank you!

These earrings are made by me in the USA and all materials used are hypoallergenic! Don’t hesitate to ask for customs, color changes, or metal switches!

Weight: 0lbs 0.1oz

Length: Shown in pictures

These earrings are durable and flexible, but please do not bend them to prevent them from damage. Please do not wear them while showering, swimming, or sleeping. The earring posts have been strongly secured and can be cleaned like any other earrings. Feel free to clean the earrings with baby wipes to remove makeup, dirt, etc.

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