Clay Recipe Book
check out how i set up and organize my polymer clay recipes
  • Small Binder
  • Circle Clay Cutter
  • Square Clay Cutter
  • Number Stamps
  • Sheet Protecters
  • Coin Collector Sheets
  • Dividers
  • Lined Paper
example of clay tools
here are the cutters and stamps i use to manage "parts" and also create my color tiles. the stamps are used to number the colors so you can easily find the correct recipe.
the cover
obviously you can't go without a cute cover to label the binder
clay recipe sheet
i use a sheet protector to hold my typed clay recipes so they stay clean and are easy to read. all of my recipes arre named and numbered. 
color tiles
these color tiles are baked clay pieces from the recipes. they are labeled by number to match the numbered recipes in the sheets. the tiles are held in a coin collector sheet. i found my coin collector sheets on amazon.
extra lined paper
i keep some lined paper and dividers to write down new discovered recipes to type up later or to plan color palettes for launches.